Outdoor DTS

Grow in your relationship with God and in your passion for the Outdoors


Date: 15 Jul. - 06 Dec. 2024
Language: English


Lecture Cost: 4590CHF
Estimated Outreach Cost: 2500-3500CHF

Step into your adventure

Over the millennia, God’s people have been no strangers to the deep relationship that is cultivated through a hands-on connection to the land.

Embark on an adventure of the heart by taking a 5 month discipleship course centered on the creativity of God showcased all around us in nature.

Through lectures and outdoor learning such as hiking, camping, and climbing, you will learn what it means to be and live as a disciple.

Come and be inspired by the beauty of Switzerland, reach out to the local outdoor community, and be equipped to share the gospel to more remote places on outreach.

Holistic Growth

We are interested in holistic growth. True discipleship transforms your heart, intellect, and skills. We are all about giving you opportunities to grow through application in the community. Grow whilst living in community, through outdoor learning and lectures, as well as many other different ways of learning.

Purpose of DTS

The purpose of a Discipleship Training School is to inspire your relationship with God and each other.
CULTIVATE growth in your Christ-like character through timeless biblical principles
SHARPEN your ability to work with, learn from, and relate to people of different cultures, personalities, and perspectives
EQUIP you by giving you both skills and experience to
further the Kingdom wherever you go
IMPART the vision and foundational values of Youth With A Mission International, as well as that of the host outreach location

The two phases of DTS

1. Lecture phase (growing in our relationship with God)
2. Outreach phase (applying + putting into practice what was learnt in lecture phase)

What is the Lecture Phase?

During the 11 weeks of lecture phase, you will hear speakers from all over the world who live out what they teach.

Our lectures are intertwined with outdoor activities to give you a practical learning experience of the topic so that the teachings sink deeper into your heart.

You will learn together how to use your passion for the outdoors to build God’s kingdom through different topics such as nature and character of God, hearing God’s voice, and much more.

Learn different outdoor skills, reach out to the local outdoor community, and prepare to head out to more remote areas in the world by first gaining a deep understanding of the heart of the Father.

What we will learn:
  • YWAM Family and Community
  • Nature and Character of God
  • God's story (the Bible) and Our story
  • Worship, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare
  • Holy Spirit and Discipleship: Becoming like Jesus
  • Making Jesus Lord
  • Calling, Destiny and Identity
  • Biblical Christian Worldview
  • Missions and Evangelism
  • Working together, Outreach Prep and Discipling Nations

What is the Outreach Phase?

Make Him Known. Bring God to the nations.
Outreach is a time where you solidify the teachings you’ve learned in lecture phase. Move this new-found knowledge from the head to heart. Live out application daily with a team, where you are presented with discipleship opportunities like Evangelism, Ministry and Intercession.

Our two month outreaches take place in nations where we can use our outdoor skills to either reach out to people with similar passions, or to reach the unreached.

You have spent 11 weeks learning about the deep connection between the Lord, the land, and your identity in the Kingdom. Now you are called to GO!

Your leaders prayerfully consider the outreach locations for each team. The final decision is made when all students have arrived in Switzerland and the giftings and passions of each student have been taken into account. The entire process is covered in prayer as we seek God’s will. 

Outdoor Learning

Feel the wind whip through your hair as you stand at the summit of a mountain you just hiked. Inhale the crisp mountain air, and observe the beauty of God’s creation all around you. Go out camping, sit around a warm campfire in community, scale a cliff, explore the beautiful Swiss alps or take a swim in a crystal clear mountain lake.

In the lecture phase we are able to learn and grow in various outdoor skills which we then use to reach the outdoor communities around us, as well as apply them in our outreach phase.

The Outdoor DTS is open to all people who love to be active in nature and want to learn more. You don’t have to be a professional in any of these activities to come and learn with us!

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